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Request Technical Assistance

The NRC4Tribes is part of the National Resource Centers Network funded by the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Department of Health and Human Services. This page is provided to assist you in requesting Training and Technical Assistance.

Onsite T/TA is available to all Tribes that receive Title IV-B funding.

Statement on how the Children's Bureau National Resource Centers (NRCs) works with American Indian/Alaska Native Nations

There are no wrong doors to T/TA

There are several ways to begin the T/TA request process:

  • Contact the NRC4Tribes to discuss your need and we will assist you with completing the request

    Door # 1

    Contact Us

  • Contact the Training and Technical Assistance Coordination Center (TTAC) to complete the TA request online

    Door # 2

  • Download and complete the first three (3) pages of the request form, save on your computer and email to the NRC4Tribes

    Door # 3

    T/TA Network Request Initiation Form

  • Contact your regional office for assistance. For a listing of Regional ACF offices and the States they serve, visit the ACF Website

    Door # 4


Examples of Technical Assistance
 - Child Welfare Program Assessment
 - Family Group Conference
 - Foster Care Program Development - Recruitment and Retention of Native Resource Families
 - Policies and Procedures Development
 - Future Planning (Strategic Planning)
 - ICWA Training Sessions

The Children's Bureau Training and Technical Assistance Network 2012 Directory

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