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Report from NDAA's Tribal Team

May 31, 2013

Abuse no one and nothing; for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.
Tecumseh, Shawnee


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We’d like to share this simple and powerful message from a 19th Century Native American leader that still applies today.  In founding the National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse almost 30 years ago, the National District Attorneys Association responded to the needs of prosecutors and allied professionals for help in responding to the often difficult cases involving abused children.   In working with you to improve criminal justice, child protection and other institutional responses to violence, we've endeavored to direct resources to communities struggling to respond.  As part of our effort to improve this outreach, we'll be forwarding a quarterly training update and a monthly newsletter with information that we hope is useful to you in your efforts to protect children and to end child abuse.

Click below for an article authored by NCPCA Tribal Liaison Randall Cooper on Multidisciplinary Responses In Indian Country and the quarterly update by our Tribal Team (Summarizing training delivered Fall 2012 - Spring 2013, Training Scheduled Summer & Fall 2013 & Publications/Collaborations). NDAA’s Tribal Team, assisted by President of Native American Pathways, Linda Logan, and Oglala Youth & Family Court Judge Saunie Wilson would very much like to identify other criminal justice, medical and public health partners committed to collaboration and, more importantly, committed to ending child abuse in Indian country.  We value your input and would like to better serve you.  I've included our contact above; please feel free to reach out to us  to further discuss how we might work together in this effort to effect change.  Our contact information is provided below:

Linda Logan, MSW
President, Native American Pathways
Cleveland OH 44118
Ph: 216-373-6862;Fax: 216-255-5188

Suzanna Tiapula
National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse and Human Trafficking Programs
National District Attorneys Association
99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 330
Alexandria VA 22314



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