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June is National Reunification Month!

April 29, 2013

Close to half the states have had a reunification event at this point and these events bring important focus to the first priority of child welfare systems when removal cannot be prevented.

Our National Reunification Month page has information on planning events as well as summaries of past events around the country.

I am happy to have a new set of Hero biographies about a father and his case manager in Hawai’i who achieved reunification through remarkable persistence.

We have updated our National Reunification Month webpages based on what we received last year and have already added Illinois and Washington events for 2013.

We would love to get updates about celebrations in your State/Tribe/Territory/County for this year.

Also thanks to the National Association of Counsel for Children, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Casey Family Programs, Rise Magazine, the National Center for State Courts and the American Humane Association who assisted with this effort.

Scott Trowbridge, J.D.
National Project to Improve Representation for Parents Involved in the Child Welfare System
American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law



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