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Child Well-Being, Including Psychotropic Medication Oversight for Children in Foster Care

Fostering Connections to Success an Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008 amended Title IV-B, subpart 1 of the Social Security Act to require State and Tribal IV-B agencies to develop a plan for ongoing oversight and coordination with health care services for children in foster care, in coordination with the State Medicaid agency, pediaticians and other experts in health care as well as recipients of child welfare services. The plan must describe how it will ensure a coordinated strategy to identify and respond to the placements, including mental health and dental health needs and provide continuity of health care services. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure that children in foster care receive high  quality, coordinated health care services, including appropriate oversight of any needed prescription medication.

Resource information about these issues is provided by ACF, Children’s Bureau as well as other sources.

Child and Family Well-Being Resources:

  • Trauma Exposure in American Indian - Alaska Native Children
    A unique individual experience associated with a traumatic event or enduring conditions, which can involve and actual death or other loss, serious injury, or threat to a child's well-being, often related to the cultural trauma, historical trauma, and intergenerational trauma that has accumulated in AI/AN communities through centuries of exposure to racism, warfare, violence, and catastrophic disease.
  • Trauma Informed Report - America Indian/Alaska Native Communities' Trauma Informed Care Work Group
    This report summarizes the American Indian/Alaska Native Communities' Trauma-Informed Care Work Group's discussions held during the winter of 2008/2009. The report is designed to outline the history of this effort and review the input of the Work Group members regarding American Indian/Alaska Native Trauma-Informed Care principles.

Psychotropic Medication Oversight Resources:

NRC4Tribes Presentation at NICWA Conference, April 8, 2013, Tulsa, OK
The following resource materials were provided at the NICWA Conference:


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