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Electronic Management Information Systems (MIS) Resources

The NRC4Tribes Needs Assessment recommended technical assistance and resources to support the development and improvement of Electronic Management Information Systems (MIS) for tribal child welfare programs. The need for improved MIS in order to track child welfare cases emerged as one of the most critical needs for training and technical assistance, with more than half of survey respondents indicating a critical need for automated case management and data systems, improved service monitoring, tracking ICWA efforts, and outcomes tracking for families.


  • Key Considerations and Best Practices for Tribal Title IV-E Data Collection and Reporting
    This March 2010 document was developed through the Indian Child Welfare Community Practice authored by Erin Geary, MSW and Prscilla A. Day, MSW, Ed.D at the University of MN Duluth. The purpose of this document is to serve as a resource for tribes currently grappling with data collection issues associated with direct Title IV-E service implementation, and for tribes exploring whether or not to pursue direct Title IV-E funding from the federal government. While this document may be useful to a variety of child welfare practitioners and policy makers, the intended audience is tribal child welfare agency administrators and tribal leaders engaged in child welfare decision making for their communities.


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