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Last updated February 16, 2010

Optional Public Law 280 State Jurisdiction – Partial

Through Idaho Code 67-5101 to 67-5103 Idaho asserts limited jurisdiction over 7 subject areas.


Idaho Const. of 1890, art. 21, § 19

Idaho Code §§ 67-5101 to 67-5103 (1963, Ch. 58, § 1, p. 224, asserting jurisdiction over 7 subject areas:  a) compulsory school attendance; b) juvenile delinquency and youth rehabilitation; c) dependent, neglected, and abused children; d) insanities and mental illness; e) public assistance; f) domestic relations; g) operation and management of motor vehicles upon highways and roads maintained by the city or state, or political subdivision thereof; and full jurisdiction with tribe’s consent).

Case Law

State v. Barros, 957 P.2d 1095 (Idaho 1998)


State v. Warden, 906 P.2d 133 (Idaho 1995)


State v. George, 905 P.2d 626 (Idaho 1995)


State v. Snyder, 807 P.2d 55 (Idaho 1991)


State v. Marek, 777 P.2d 1253 (Idaho 1989)


State v. Fanning, 759 P.2d 937 (Idaho App. 1988)


State v. Major, 725 P.2d 115 (Idaho 1986)


Sheppard v. Sheppard, 655 P.2d 895 (Idaho 1982) 


State v. Allan, 607 P.2d 426 (Idaho 1980)


Boyer v. Shoshone-Bannock Indian Tribes, 441 P.2d 167 (Idaho 1988)

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