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NRC4Tribes Mission and Philosophies

The vision of the National Resource Center for Tribes (NRC4Tribes) is to facilitate the empowerment of Native Nations to nurture the safety, permanence and well-being of American Indian/Alaska Native children, families and communities by offering culturally relevant information, resources and technical assistance so that the dreams and sacrifices of their ancestors are fulfilled and honored.
Our mission is to collaborate with Native Nations and our training and technical assistance partners to identify and effectively implement community, culturally based strategies and resources that strengthen tribal child and family services.
Children are sacred and entitled to be cherished in a safe and nurturing environment with strong family, community and cultural connections. Their happiness and well-being includes nourishment of mind, body and spirit in order to fulfill their dreams throughout their journey toward becoming a healthy Elder. To honor the sacredness, the NRC4Tribes believes:
(1) in the inherent sovereign right and ability of American Indian/Alaska Native Nations to create, control and improve their own local child and family service systems for the healthy functioning of tribal communities. 
(2) empowerment and solutions come from within tribal communities as they build upon their inherent strengths as sovereign nations since they are the source of cultural knowledge through elders, leaders and culture-bearers.
(3) the environment of disparity and despair in Indian Country and Alaska Native communities is the result of ongoing impact of colonization and historical trauma.
(4) the responses to child and family needs must include culturally based solutions that honor and respect the voice and choice of families.
The NRC4Tribes Team agreed to develop principles that would guide our work with the Tribal Nations as well as with our technical assistance partners. Our principles are: 
•Seamless and Effective Service
In addition to principles guiding the work, the NRC4Tribes Team agreed that the following System of Care values are instrumental in the development and implementation of the work of the NRC4Tribes:
•Least Restrictive
•Culturally Competent
•Community-based Services
•Family and Youth Driven
•Interagency Collaboration
•Individualized and Strength-based

NRC4Tribes Summary and Values

Statement on how the Children's Bureau National Resource Centers (NRCs) works with American Indian/Alaska Native Nations

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