By Indian Country Today Media staff

In response to yesterday’s episode of the Dr. Phil Show that attacked the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and undermined the significance of Native children remaining in their tribe and being immersed in their culture, a grassroots campaign to “Boycott the Anti-Native American Dr. Phil Show” was started on Facebook.

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The mission of the Facebook campaign is to hold “Dr. Phil McGraw accountable by boycotting until he agrees to have a show where QUALIFIED experts discuss ICWA’s importance.”

A handful of comments posted to the “Boycott the Anti-Native American Dr. Phil Show” Facebook page follow:

“I thought he was suppose to help matters? , this ONE hour show didnt help or change anything., all that went on was judging and arguing over the color of the baby, we are not the bad people. We never were, that child was not stolen, they stole our children along time ago, from every tribe and we still get the horrible side of everything.”

“I though that thete no racist view on your show, Dr.Phil?.really? How dare all of you to use the race card! Is that your sense of entitlement; to take what you want without asking? Even when you are being asking to give it back? Shame on All of you n the the audience for shameing those 2 lil boys of who they are. Mr. locator, do you think running n hiding with a child is scarey. Well maybe those alarms of your wrongful action. do you think these children will come to you with broken hearts in their hands, wanting you to find their real families, in 20 years. Pure selfishness, webs of lies and deceipt. SO This how you want to raise their in your so called -”loving families”?”

“At a minimum, Dr Phil should have read the 30+ page South Carolina Supreme Court’s opinion UPHOLDING the lower courts decision to return the child and the 30+ page dissent. Dr Phil showed a complete disrespect for Indian tribes. The only ignorant racists I watched were Dr Phil and his guests attacking Nimmo and Marsten. And where was the mother who placed the child for adoption?!”

“Please share this page in every group that you can, especially non-Native ones. We need mothers, fathers, bowlers, basketball players, etc. Your right to your child is a natural inalienable right. This Dad was not an unfit parent. He never got a chance. TELL EVERYONE YOU WENT TO SCHOOL WITH, WORK WITH, ETC”

“I am white and married to a Native. We have a daughter, I am trying hard to teach her as much as I can about her Native culture. Native children, whether full or half, need to know their culture!!”

“I think this is just a shame. This reminds me how Non-tribal people tried to make the State of Maine think we wanted to uproot them (when they realized the State was mostly ours) and said our trauma has NOTHING to do with today’s reality. ICWA was enacted to hep protect First Nations SOVERIGN tribes from further genocide. We DECIDE! This is ignorant interference in an ILLEGAL adoption.”

To view more comments, visit the “Boycott the Anti-Native American Dr. Phil Show” Facebook page and the Dr. Phil Message Board.